Art that shapes a discursive environment

An interview with Neringa Stoškutė from Kaunas Biennial (Lithuania) Neringa Stoškutė, an independent curator and project manager at Kaunas Biennial, claims that art, and various educational programmes accompanying it, may contribute to the development of critical thinking, analysing current local and global issues, as well as to inspire people to […]

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Perception of art as a choice

An interview with Raluca Doroftei from META Cultural Foundation (Romania) Raluca Doroftei, curator at META Cultural Foundation, believes that our perception of art is our choice and that not only can it reflect the reality, but inspire some real changes as well. In the following interview, the curator discusses various […]

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Interconnectivity and local discourse

An interview with Sara Dowling from ‘EVA International’ (Ireland) Sara Dowling, artist and assistant curator in ‘Eva International’ (Ireland’s Biennial), describes herself as a social butterfly, and believes that co-creation has a lot to offer. In this conversation, an emerging artist and curator both shares her artistic and curatorial inspirations […]

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