An inspiring example of how people driven by a great idea manage to mobilise the community for joint initiatives and work to reanimate their neighbourhood through art.

“Novo kulturno naselje” (NKN) is an association founded in 2014 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Its main mission is to establish a cultural centre in Novo Naselje, a part of town with a population of over 40,000 residents, by promoting culture both in its neighbourhood and the entire city.

NKN has been working for years on developing and implementing cultural content in Novi Sad. The goal of the organisation is to raise awareness about the need to promote artists and employ their artistic activities to animate the community. NKN activities mostly target youth culture and foster its creative expression through cultural and artistic programs, where the objectives are achieved through the fields of music, film, theatre, arts, architecture and psychology. Its activities take environment, ecology and the promotion of healthy lifestyle into consideration, cherish the values of an open and tolerant society, and raise awareness about and respect for the fundamental human rights and freedom.

The scope of NKN activities is even more impressive, when you learn that such a large community does not have a place to house its cultural content. Therefore, the establishment of a cultural centre would decentralise production of cultural activities, while the number of art and culture consumers would increase.

In the past 4 years, NKN has organised an impressive number of various events, programs and projects, including but not limited to, the theatre festival Aplauz Fest, film festival 21114 (named after the postal code of Novo Naselje) that screens local films, art festival Dobro Došli na Naselje, various art and educational workshops, publication of a handbook Road to Culture Centre, and many, many others.

Venues chosen for these festivals, programs, workshops and other events bring art to the community, as they include “familiar” spaces like parks, streets, public places. These events empower the community and act as a great way to make things happen, as everyone is welcome to make their contributions.

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