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Building solid constructions

An interview with Charly Walter and Danijela Oberthofer Tonkovic from “Openspace.Innsbruck” (Austria) Charly Walter, the founder of “Openspace.Innsbruck” association, and Danijela Oberthofer Tonkovic, curator for the “Openspace”, believe that to stabilise the societies, it is very important to bring people of different backgrounds together these days. In the following interview, […]

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Working on links and rediscovering what is rooted

An interview with Cláudia Melo from “Ideias Emergentes – Produção Cultural, CRL” (Portugal) Cláudia Melo, artistic director of “Contextile” – Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, established under the wing of “Ideias Emergentes”, believes that the dialogue between very different regions or even countries is very important when promoting the local […]

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Creating dialogues and building bridges

An interview with Elis Unique from Prague Biennale Foundation (Czech Republic) Elis Unique, an emerging curator and coordinator in Prague Biennial, believes that contemporary art, which in this day and age reflects  all types of political, social, ecological and other problems, can be interesting for everybody. In this interview, the […]

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