Artist’s Alias: Grossi Maglioni (Francesca Grossi and Vera Maglioni)

Organisation: Latitudo (Rome, Italy)

Currently lives and works in: Rome, Italy

Practice: Visual artist

We mostly focus our research on practices within performance, installation and workshop, and, since we are a duo, we consider relationship a central part of our projects and work as artists.

Our performance practice is often combined with the production of manipulable objects and installations, devices used in order to share and mediate the experience of our research with the audience and provoke new perceptions and visions.

In fact, we often create environments in which we invite different group of people to collaborate with us through workshops, lectures and public events, which we see as an opportunity to open up to the complexity and the meanings of the artwork itself, and to explore issues of subjectivity as well as education.

Our latest projects focus on relationships between two people and the figure of the mother, by investigating the images and the representation of the gesture, of motherhood and nativity.

Areas of interest: Science fiction, feminism, education, actual and virtual interaction, anthropology.

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets: We were involved by Latitudo and Novo Kulturno Naselje in order to develop a project with the community of Novo Naselje in Novi Sad. We have seen in MagiC Carpets an opportunity to have an exchange, with the people we met, in the context of the research.

MagiC Carpets project Occupazioni: The perpetual dialogue

Occupazioni is an ongoing project which investigates how the displacement and settlement of people and groups causes changes into a place, generating new physical and narrative spaces.

The project revolves around an installation made of ropes and tents, and a developing story on the solitary journey of a child until he/she reaches adulthood, and he/she meets others like him/her.

This narrative was in part developed together with the people who contributed by participating to workshops and meetings led inside the installation.

Over time, the campground that was created gave shape to different sites and scenarios, including a Tenda del dialogo perenne (Tent of a perpetual dialogue), installed for the first time in a public area of the Novo Naselje neighbourhood in Novi Sad, which has since then became the central part of the project.

A series of meetings (assemblies) took place under this tent, which discussed the representation of identity through the figure of the beast mother, the conflicting/generative relationship between human beings and landscape and the memory of space in relation to trauma.

Other projects

Lo sguardo che offende

Type: Installation, workshop, performance, photograph, artist’s book

Can the gaze literally pierce the landscape? Lo sguardo che offende is a project that begins with a reflection on the vision devices and the sci-fi possibility of the gaze hurting the observed landscape, and focuses on issue of conflict and mimesis with the landscape.

The final step of the project was the realization of an artist book in 30 copies, Lo sguardo che offende, il manuale.

What inspires you as an artist? Art, literature, people experiences, history of the places, friendship, love.

What do you think is the purpose of art? To open multiple and unexpected perceptions, and to improve our way to feel the reality and imagination.

Your favourite book(s): Last books we loved: Dawn, Octavia Butler; The Painted Bird, Jerzy Kosinski.

Your favourite film(s): Russian Ark, Aleksandr Sokurov; Le salaire de la peur, Henri-Georges Clouzot; Barravento, Glauber Rocha.


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