Laura Adel
Mar 16, 2024

MC Laura Słowa by Wojciech Chrubasik

I am a seaside girl with a huge love for abstraction. Although obsessed with the hustle and bustle of the city, the brutalism of concrete architecture and the never-ending list of cultural events, in nature I find both peace and inspiration. With my images, I say what I see. I create installations and experiment with abstract images. I allude to the complexity of perception which crosses the borders of visionary and intertwines with inner states. Among other galleries, my abstract movies were exhibited in the Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia in Gdansk or in the National Museum – Four Domes Pavilion in Wroclaw. As part of the Urban Screen Production collection my films are being shown across Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I work at the New Media Department at Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw where I am pursuing a doctorate degree. I am interested in the influence of new technologies on our everyday life. I work closely with signals, microcontrollers and generativeness which I cocoon in organic form. I search for them outside when I wander with my dog. I start my day with black coffee.

Practice: New media art – abstract image in motion and installations

Areas of interest: New Media Art – especially installations and videos, arthouse films, philosophy of perception, long and short distance travels and electronic music

Magic Carpets project

Past projects

Random Check IV – 2nature: human/bird/trees/water

Type: Video installation

Random Check 4 – Second Nature was an audiovisual realisation combining musicals and visual artists organised and coordinated by Marcin Rupociński. The project was presented in a highly unique place on the cultural map of the city, which is the Immersion Room of the Four Domes Pavilion Museum of Contemporary Art in Wrocław. I participated as an artist and programmer of the video projection. Due to such a spacial exhibition space, scale of the projections and its perspicuity my moving images transformed the room into the habitat of abstraction. I cooperated with composer whose music aligned and emphasized my aesthetics. This audiovisual dialogue went beyond words and shown the unspoken compatibility those two mediums can achieve. Seeing my forms moving according to music immersed the viewers sharing the feeling I sensed while creating.


Urban Screen Production

Type: Video exhibition

UTV uses a cultural screen to engage audiences in a shared community setting and increase cross-cultural awareness. My videos were exhibited across New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Reaching such a wide audience with my abstraction ensured me about the clearness and openness of visual communication. From a very private perspective, seeing people experiencing my pieces in such a beautiful surroundings made my heart bloom. In addition I was interviewed. During this talk I heard others interpretation on the videos I created. As audience plays such an important role in my creation, hearing those opinion which aligned with my message deeply moved me.

Laura Adel Urban Screen Production
Laura Adel Urban Screen Production


Them –

Along with my artistic activities, I also worked in movie industry. I had a chance to participate in the process of creating independent short movie Them directed by Robin Lochmann. Being present during shooting, working on miniatures and tuning the final scenes gave me an inside into this project. Later, while editing, I had plenty of opportunities to discuss the visual language of this movie with the director. This open workflow and the collective goal-oriented approach towards realisation was a beautiful environment for collaboration. The movie also gained international recognition among others awards being The Best Animation 2020 at GIFF Festival.  In addition, I still find the message of the movie important and I am proud of being part of this project.

What inspires you as an artist? Visuality is the source of my inspiration. I often observe without any other action – for pure delight of forms. In natural phenomena I find features which I abstract and interpret in art. I analyse their movement with its stimulating and calming attributes. I search for abstraction in textures and surfaces – taking a close look at the details. I also look inside – searching for inner landscapes and mental states. I form them into poetical texts, notes or picture them with images. Sometimes, when I wander outside, I perceive visuality as my diary, as motherhood of my creation.

What do you think is the purpose of art? I see art as a language. Artistic creation covers areas which are beyond words, which slips from rational categorisation, which can be neither labelled nor explained. With my visuality I drew landscapes of my inner states to share them with others. I built a specific habitat for common experience which unite the society. Art smooths the edges of our separation and isolation. I also feel a need to share my admiration of the reality. I subtract the features which I find meaningful and mesmerizing and transform them into abstraction. This is my way to share my perception. I aim to unfold the beauty which surrounds all of us.


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