Lucie Dhermain
Aug 17, 2021

Lucie Dhermain

Practice: Photography, Sculpture, Installation

Areas of interest: Wandering. Alter temporality. Subsistence. Abandonment. Meeting.

I wanted to participate in this MagiC Carpets project, because I am very interested in the place, the Bairro C neighbourhood, and an opportunity provided for me as an artist to be part of its revival. It is important to reconcile these inhabitants with a part of their city and I am very happy that artistic and cultural interventions can help in this.


The MagiC Carpets project:

Title: Arquinho



Past projects you are proud of:

Or Sol


I created several ceramic supports that I scattered and abandoned around the city of Nantes. I left them for 7 months to undergo the seasons. I then came to recover them. This way, I was able to obtain a sort of sampling of the ecosystem of the place.

What inspires you as an artist? I am in search of the living poetics of our world.

What do you think is the purpose of art? I think art helps us to survive today. It opens our minds and allows us to really encounter otherness. Art allows us to look at our daily lives differently than through the vision that a society would like us to have.

Your favourite book(s): Learning to see. The point of view of the living. Estelle Zhong Mengual.

Contact information

Email: luciedhermain@,amail .com | Telephone: +33 675868482

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