Morra Сeramics
Jan 03, 2023

Morra Ceramics @ Monade Jelsa

We are a duo of ceramic artists who want to use ceramics not just for decoration, but as a billboard for our statements. While in Ukraine, we were promoting feminist ideas, as this was a very important topic that we wanted to highlight. Right now, while we are in Croatia, we felt the urge to highlight what is going on with our country, people and families.

Currently lives and works in: Zagreb, Croatia

Practice: Ceramics

MagiC Carpets project

Life Pause

We decided to combine ceramics, plants, history and war in one piece. Together with the Ukrainian participants, we read the stories about different plants that are on Hvar Island and participants chose the one they liked the most. While we were doing the imprinting of plants in clay, each person was telling us a story of their evacuation, that was the main part of the project. The handcraft part was followed by the part where we combined everything in one piece, and placed it on a street. Every person could pass by and see a piece of clay with the imprinted plants and a QR code they could scan. After scanning, a person could read a story of a plant and a person who made it. This way, we tried to face people with the fact that the war is not over and people who fled their country are around us and suffering, while a lot of people try to close their eyes.

What inspires you as an artists? The will of our nation to be free right now changed our vision. History of it is inspiring us too.

What do you think is the purpose of art? The purpose of art is education, opening mind and therapy.


Email: morraceramics@gmail.сom | Instagram