Teresa Stillebacher
Mar 16, 2024

all.cake.all.night at WIK 2023 by Wojciech Chrubasik

Currently lives and works in: Innsbruck and Vienna (Austria)

Practice: Architecture and Art, public interventions

Areas of interest: Architecture, materiality, performative spaces, situations, improvisation, collective

Teresa Stillebacher studied architecture in Innsbruck.

Her interdisciplinary practice interchanges between architecture, art performance and interventions in public space. She lives and works in Innsbruck and Vienna and has her own studio since 2018, with which she develops and implements projects in various fields of architecture, from interior to urban space design together with Lino Lanzmaier. She is Senior Scientist at the ./studio3 – Institute for Experimental Architecture in Innsbruck where her research interests focus on multidisciplinary  1:1 design build projects.

Magic Carpets project | Art Courtyard

Past project | WHAT A WASTE

Type: Architectural sculpture, design build process

WHAT A WASTE is a Design Build project in collaboration with the Heart of Noise Festival. The architectural conception takes the form of an assemblage, constructed from a pool of recycled materials. Teacher: Verena Rauch, Teresa Stillebacher. WHAT A WASTE becomes a stage for a depository of found objects, remnants, toxicity, and non-utilizable. Totems made out from discarded items become cult objects, preserving, and challenging the memory of a throwaway society. The entire design-build process was realized as a collective attempt with 30 students, with individual designs recurrently shared as open source for further modification by all students. This provoked a continuous emergence of new designs, combining architectural elements, objects and ideas. The course was structured as a vertical studio, encouraging collaboration between both bachelor and master students, inducing productive heterogeneity within the group. The process of recycling materials, combined with collective work, has generated a responsive methodology. The capability to consistently involve novel circumstances and opportunities, while navigating uncertainties, is perceived as a contemporary approach, addressing resource scarcity, circular economy, and recycling of construction material. Furthermore, this methodology facilitates a collective, interdisciplinary process in which an environment of equality throughout the entire workflow raises shared responsibility among all participants.

What inspires you as an artist? Situations when you have to improvise. Loud moments when you are in the middle of a crowd at a very noisy concert. The moment when everything comes together while sitting in a train, looking outside of the window. Having time to think. The act of creation itself as a source of inspiration. The process of taking material and transforming it into something new and expressive.

What do you think is the purpose of art? Art is the possibility to raise questions, see things in a different way, to transform knowledge, emotions into something that generates empathy. Art can address social issues, challenge norms, and provoke discussions. It can serve as a mirror to society, motivate viewers to consider their own beliefs and values. Engaging with art can offer a creative experience, allowing one to process their own emotions and experiences through the lens of another’s work. 


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