Exhibition catalogue is out now
Dec 15, 2021


How many shapes can an idea take? How many sounds can a city transmit? What tastes do memories have? How much does a feeling weigh? How many stories can arise out of each of these questions? With their works, the artists of Magic Carpets gave life to hundreds of these stories, using languages that were both their own and universal, and saving them from oblivion. The stories travelled and intertwined, overcoming physical and cultural boundaries. And if, as Sherazade claimed, any story that begins has no end, these tales are like living beings, constantly evolving, feeding off the voices that tell them and giving rise to a new collective memory.

Exhibition Magic Carpets Landed Catalogue for the special price of 15 EUR is available during exhibition at the Kaunas Picture Gallery.

For the other ways to get your copy please see the official site of the Quodlibet.