Sometimes great ideas need some help to reach their potential. Our Croatian partners deliver precisely that, and this is why they are a great addition to our MagiC Carpets team.

Lab852 is a creative agency from Zagreb, Croatia, established in 2011 with the aim of providing consulting, management, production and promotion services in the field of culture. It is an organisation which believes in culture that expands horizons, supports sustainable development and is available to everyone. Therefore, its mission focuses on helping individuals, organisations and decision makers to apply these principals in their own projects, plans and strategies.

The activities of Lab 852 revolve around the content which can be applied to different formats and differentiated depending on its target audience and context: residency programmes, specialised workshops, site-specific, community and public art projects, performing and interdisciplinary productions, etc. Lab852 conducts programs in rural areas as well as industrial and marginalised city blocks, thus approaching the audience which is usually left out of the coverage of the contemporary cultural production.

The agency specialises in a variety of activities. First, it works in the field of management and promotion, working with artists and their projects, international collaboration projects and local cultural events. The agency supports the development of artistic careers through the extensive network of local and international promoters as well as partnerships in European Cooperation Projects.

Another area Lab852 specialises in is education and development. With the help of a network of professional associates in the field of culture and art, psychology, entrepreneurship and human resources, the agency designs inspiring and motivating programs. Such programmes include strategic and collaborative trainings, audience and team development programs, as well as soft skill support for start-ups in the field of cultural and creative industries.

In addition, it prepares strategic documents or takes care of transforming them into specific projects and initiatives, using a variety of creative techniques to ensure the “from paper to people” effect in innovation and change management.

Lab 852 has contributed to numerous projects, including but not limited to, European Music Incubator, Donaufestival (editions from 2015 to 2018), revitalization of St. Michael’s Fortress, Young Creation Companioship as well as other events and festivals focusing on cultural regeneration, education and promotion of art in general.

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