New season on our Magical Carpets
Apr 07, 2023

Kaunas Biennial team by Martyna Stasiulionyte

The spring of 2023 brings fresh and sunny news for the Magic Carpets platform. We are here to present our newest members of the platform – Unfinished Foundation from Malta. We would like to welcome all the team and especially emerging curator Elyse Tonna who is joining this magical journey and Curators Capacity Building programme accelerated by Magic Carpets platform.

Also the new round of the Residencies of the emerging artist are just around the corner. The organisations are finalising the briefs, searching for the artists, talking with the communities and we’re really thrilled to see where this year’s collaboration and co-creation will bring us.

As the team from the leading organisation, Kaunas Biennial (Lithuania) is putting together the last bits for the upcoming #magical period, they are sending best wishes for the new season and wishing everyone happy Easter and the sunny holiday weekend ahead.