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Artistic solidarity at ZK/U Berlin

Artistic solidarity at ZK/U Berlin // Magic carpets and the fact finding committee #03 The ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik is excited to introduce the artists and the programme as part of the second year of Magic Carpets – an international cultural platform. The platform connects thirteen art institutions in their […]

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The first year of MagiC Carpets

The first year of MagiC Carpets: magic stories scattered around Europe MagiC Carpets is a four-year international project co-funded by Creative Europe. For the first time, a project of such scale is led by Lithuania and represented by Kaunas Biennial, the contemporary art festival. The platform connects local communities and […]

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Finding a place for culture

An interview with Marco Jozić and Tatjana Mateša from Novo Kulturno Naselje (Serbia) Marco Jozić, the founder and project manager of Novo Kulturno Naselje association, and Tatjana Mateša, its art director, describe Novi Sad (Serbia) as a city of constant change. In this interview, they share their experience trying to […]

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