The Czech Partners of MagiC Carpets share the vision similar to that of the project: they create meeting points for artists, cultures, generations, experience and ambition, knowledge and inspiration.

The Prague Biennale Foundation was established on 30 September 2004 for supporting and organizing art exhibitions. Its objective is to map the current developments on the art scene, effectively encouraging the development of art not only in the Czech Republic, but on the global scale as well.

One of the primary missions of Prague Biennale Foundation is to build a platform to support a dialogue between artists, curators and gallery operators from different countries, interconnect experimental initiatives and cultural institutions, enhance intergenerational exchange between young emerging talents and already established artists.

The organizers of the exhibitions, Helena Kontová and Giancarlo Politi, started their pursuits in the Czech Republic in 2003 by preparing the first international exhibit of contemporary art called the Prague Biennale on the premises of the National Gallery. Their primary goal was to organize a high quality international art exhibition in Prague as renown as other global biennials, albeit at an ‘illusory’ cost. This Prague Biennale model became known as the “low-cost biennale” and was keenly adopted by other art exhibition operators in Central and Eastern Europe.

An important trait of the event is that it constantly searches for commonalities between different generations of younger (or beginning) and older (or established) artists and gives them a platform to meet curators and theoreticians from across the globe. As a result, the Czech art scene became more visible on a global scale (this applies to artists including Daniel Pitín, Zbyněk Baladrán, Kateřina Šedá, Jiří Kovanda, Krištof Kintera and Victor Man).

Another key activity is publishing Czech and Slovak Edition of Flash Art magazine in collaboration with a Slovak partnering organization. This local edition of world’s leading art magazine is published quarterly since 2006 and aims to support a broader debate about contemporary art in the form of monographs, theoretical essays, polyphonic panel discussions, interviews with artists and other protagonists of the art scene. Each issue brings a complex reflection on the selected topics and the way it overlaps with interrelated fields like architecture, graphic design, spoken word, sound, video and film, theatre and performance, environmental tendencies or institutional aspects.

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