Welcome to Guimarães Julia and Barbora!
Aug 11, 2020


Ideias Emergentes – Imerge (Portugal, Guimarães) welcomes artists JULIA GRYBOŚ (PL) & BARBORA ZENTKOVÁ (SK) as artists. Under the concept proposed by curator Claudia Melo- DIAGNOSIS – SPACE OF MEMORY, artists are expected to reflect on the ontological issues related to the territory (of textile culture) in a meaning of the term terrain vague, space of nothing or place of everything

Their work will focus on issues such as moments of collapse, decay and destruction that cut across the socio-economic aspects of our society.

They scan a vacant space, the old hospital of the Convento dos Capuchos, its physical marks and the signs that are printed on a body through different forms. The textile factory/industry and the community who work in it will bring material of interest to your work process.

The result of his work in residence, will be presented at Contextile 2020 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial in Guimarães on 5th of September.