An important aspect of MagiC Carpets is drawing the routes that will bring our artists and curators exactly where they need to land. For this purpose, the experience of our partner from Italy is simply indispensable.

Latitudo is an institution based in Rome that offers a wide range of services while using creative, participative and multidisciplinary approaches to develop strong, sustainable and operative projects and experiences, in art, architecture and different sectors. For more than a decade, it has been working on creating, conceiving and curating art exhibitions, communication and partnership projects, planning and realizing international fairs, managing exhibition spaces and hosting various events.

Its vision balances between the producer’s vision and creator’s art, combining a business plan with the operative’s role, and achieving the best by connecting the curatorial practice with the artist’s fuel. Moreover, it positions itself not as a service provider, but an inspirational partner.

Latitudo is committed to strengthening and developing brand identity for institutions, art galleries and privates through visual arts, working both locally and internationally. One of Latitudo’s core interests is contemporary art, as its goal is to give a shape for ideas and “dreams” and make them tangible.

Moreover, it is promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive cultural projects, giving voice to young talents and encouraging them in their journey to the discovery of art. An important part of its activities is placing the young artists in dialogue with the great masters of our past. The keywords that Latitudo bases its daily activities on include promotion, creation and the development of educational projects.

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