21 Platform Members & Partners from 20 different European Union and candidate countries

Art no longer has the luxury to be decorative. It is a powerful tool to reach human thoughts and beliefs, shake them to their core and introduce new ideas and possibilities. And most importantly, transform art into a tool for social inclusion.

“MagiC Carpets” network includes biennials, triennials, festivals, organisations, institutes, creative spaces, bottom-up initiatives, and other producers of cultural events, with a total of 21 Platform Members & Partners from 20 different European Union and candidate countries. These are talented and professional people, who get things done. In a creative and socially responsible way.

During the first phase of the “MagiC Carpets” 16 organisations participated in Residency projects. In a new stage during the period of 2022-2025 15 active members and 2 partners will take place in the Platform.

Platform Members organise artists’ residencies and this is why we entrust them with the young talents that need space to grow: work in unfamiliar settings, explore different socio-cultural landscapes, listen to the stories of locals and create socially engaged art, trigger intercultural, interfaith and intergenerational dialogues, foster inclusion of marginalised groups and local communities by employing the most up-to-date and innovative approaches while reaching out to new audiences.

The first phase of the farewelled with the international contemporary art exhibition "MagiC Carpets Landed" which opened the festive year of the "Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022".

“MagiC Carpets” Platform is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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