MagiC Carpets ready for departure
Jun 02, 2022

The carpet rose for its first flight in 2018, stopping in numerous countries along the way, to finally rest in Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022. The first 4 years of the mystical MagiC Carpets journey were summed up in the MagiC Carpets: Landed exhibition, which showcased 57 emerging artists from all over Europe.

Now, the carpet ascended again for a second chapter of its odyssey, this time starting it off with a meeting with the MagiC Carpets Platform Members. On the 22nd of May, 16 Members gathered in Kaunas, Lithuania, for a series of conferences and presentations focused on the future of the MagiC Carpets and the goals of the platform. For 4 days, they discussed upcoming projects and reflected on the concepts of community, responsibility and equality, stopping at events and exhibitions hosted by “Kaunas 2022” along the way.

May 26th marked the Emerging Curators training session, a session which is a part of a 3 year-long program focused on providing dedicated Curators with a place to learn, share and meet others like them. Until the 27th of May, the curators discussed community and co-creation as well as visited the “Gričiupis carpet“, „Korys“ and „Stuba“ communities in Kaunas.

After rising again, the carpet isn’t going to land anytime soon and will visit even more places than before. So, follow our extraordinary flight through Europe, and who knows, maybe we’ll even make a stop in your city.

Photo gallery by Gintare Zaltauskaite