Art in the shadow of war. The Jam Factory Art Center’s story
Feb 17, 2023

How we are together 2022, Lviv (Ukraine)

The video tells the story of the Jam Factory Art Center in Lviv, Ukraine, and its team’s journey from preparing for a grand opening of their revitalized space for 2022 to navigating the aftermath of the invasion and exploring the role of art in times of war.

“2022 has been unprecedentedly difficult and challenging for us as individuals, as an organization, and as part of Ukrainian society. In the video, we talk about how we had to cancel all plans and a major international program and pivot to necessary basic activities during the first days of the war. Later, we began finding and implementing artistic projects relevant to today’s circumstances. The war is still ongoing, and we continue to fight for our freedom, dignity, and culture. We are grateful to all the defenders, volunteers, and doctors who are risking their lives on the front lines and giving us the opportunity to be here and create.” – Bozhena Pelenska, program and executive director of the Jam Factory Art Center.


You will hear:

Andriy Roik – artist, participated in the “Artists in War” program

Bozhena Pelenska – program and executive director of the Jam Factory Art Center

Vladyslav Yudin – artist, participated in the “Navigation” program

Liuba Ilnytska – theatrical Curator at the Jam Factory Art Center

Sofiia Korotkevych – event manager, project manager of the “How we are together” residency

Tetyana Fedoruk – financial and executive director of the Jam Factory Art Center

Created by Young & Hungry Production.