Art workshops with Milica Dukić
Aug 20, 2020

Join us at art workshops “Vezvezvez under the masks – Embroidery workshop” with Milica Dukić, the winner of “Useljenje” (Moving in) competition by Novo Kulturno Naselje.
During September, through 4 outdoor workshops, the participants will learn the technique of embroidery and its use in contemporary art, using recycled material.
The number of participants is limited, the workshops will be held in following the outdoor measures, and all those interested can get more information and register via Novo Kulturno Naselje Facebook or Instagram page.
Milica Dukić graduated with a master’s degree in painting and drawing and many years of her work are accompanied by numerous awards, art residencies, exhibitions, and projects, as well as participation in numerous workshops and seminars.
About the art installation “Under the Masks”, the artist herself says: “As an artist, I am touched by this drastic change that is reflected in our lives due to the emergence of the epidemic and new prevention concerns. We do not yet know how long this historical / global situation will last and how it will be reflected. The eyes of acquaintances and friends, but also strangers look confused and scared. I think they are now coming to its greatest form, as the faces are covered with protective masks. For years, I have been researching the faces and backs of paintings. So, these portraits will be presented on both sides. Their realistic side would be visible and at the same time the other – the abstract one”.
The competition “Useljenje” (Moving in) was aimed for artists from Novi Sad, who will create a work of art in cooperation with the community of Novi Naselje, and it was announced at the beginning of March. “Useljenje” aims to encourage artists to involve the community in their work, to encourage community members to participate in activities that take place in their environment, as well as to promote art created in/with the community. Also, the concept raises questions about environmental problems, that is, to what extent the idea is in line with the context of the community in which the artist creates. The ideas won the competition: “Vezvezvez under the masks – Embroidery workshop” by Milica Dukić and “Domaći” by Vladimir Ilić.
This project is part of the “Magic Carpets” Platform co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.