Dejan Krstić
Oct 10, 2022

Dejan Krstic

“The Mistake”

With the mistake your life goes in reverse.
Now you can see exactly what you did
Wrong yesterday and wrong the day before
And each mistake leads back to something worse

And every nuance of your hypocrisy
Towards yourself, and every excuse
Stands solidly on the perspective lines
And there is perfect visibility.

What an enlightenment. The colonnade
Rolls past on either side. You needn’t move.
The statues of your errors brush your sleeve.
You watch the tale turn back — and you’re dismayed.

And this dismay at this, this big mistake
Is made worse by the sight of all those who
Knew all along where these mistakes would lead —
Those frozen friends who watched the crisis break.

Why didn’t they say? Oh, but they did indeed —
Said with a murmur when the time was wrong
Or by a mild refusal to assent
Or told you plainly but you would not heed.

Yes, you can hear them now. It hurts. It’s worse
Than any sneer from any enemy.
Take this dismay. Lay claim to this mistake.
Look straight along the lines of this reverse.”

By James Fenton

In my artistic practice, I devote most of my interest to researching the concept of identity and its stratification. Finding my inspiration in psychology, with a focus on the modalities of gestalt, psychodrama and physical therapy, I explore the field of physical theater through methods and principles of manipulation of the body with the aim of evoking and sanctifying emotional states in an individual. Such kind of work and interest requires me to practice discipline and have a rather systematic and analytical approach to problem solving. I prefer using mixed media and multidisciplinary approaches in work. In the field of Fine Arts I’m mostly working with traditional drawing and painting techniques with focus on photorealistic results. This technique is rooted in patience and sensibility to details and capacity for long-term dedication to singular processes.

As a person, I tend to be very direct and expressive in communication but also very kind and attentive towards others. Humor is my way around things. Daydreaming is a hobby.

Areas of interest: Fine arts, Performance, Theatre, Phycology, Photography

MagiC Carpets project

“Moving in”

Project author Gildas Aleksa – I had an opportunity to be an artist selected to participate in the final realization of the project “Moving in” in Novi Sad hosted by “Novo Kulturno Naselje”

I was present through the development of this project and in its final performative realization.

Main goal of this project was presenting future possibilities and empowering local people to have influence on their own cultural field.

Past project

Marina Abramović Masterclass

Selected to participate in Marina Abramović Masterclass which significantly contributed to my later performative practices and gave me insight into the active, relevant contemporary field of performance arts.

What inspires you as an artist? Possibility to contribute to culture and individuals through artistic practices. I find a lot of inspiration in observation of others way of relating to one another.

What do you think is the purpose of art? I don’t think there is one singular purpose of art. As there are many kinds of art practices with every single one of them having its own set of priority values and therefore purposes. For me, being mainly Fine Art oriented, it is its ability to profoundly engage with and critique a viewer and set a stage for further self-growth or catharsis.

Your favourite book(s):

“King, warrior, magician, lover” by Robert L. MooreDouglas Gillette; “The gay science” by Fredrich Nietzsche

Your favourite film(s): “Roma” by Alfonso Cuaron, “Moonlight” by Barry Jenkins, “Her” by Spike Jonez, “Ivan’s childhood” by Andrei Tarkovsky and “The Favourite / The Lobster by Yorgos Lanthimos

Contact information

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