Ieva Bertašiūtė Grosbaha
Dec 17, 2020

Currently lives and works in: Kaunas (Lithuania)

Practice: Artist/Ceramicist

We live in very interesting and complicated times. When it’s hard to know what’s waiting ahead. I feel my “mission” is to get back to earth myself and bring some others with me. The feeling of material, the touch itself, the ability of giving form as well as remaking it, all of this followed by the conversation – is what interest me in life and work experiences.

Areas of interest: Making, Art, Craft, Nature, Human Being(S)

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets: Because it feels like the right place to be…


MagiC Carpets project: Clay animation and sculpture “Rokis”

It’s a performative display of a clay sculpture and stop-motion animated film, about the fictional character “Rokis”, created together with the Rokai community in Kaunas. I see great potential for transformation in clay – when touching this soft, greasy material, the whole world around stops, this touch allows liberation, relaxation, creation. With this project I seek to look at the identity and history of Rokai speaking in a light tone, and to listen to the wishes and ideas of the community. The work takes place in the Fourth Fort, where the members of the community gather for the filming and photographing short excerpts from a future stop-motion animation film capturing the transformation of the symbol “Rokis”. The culmination of the project is a clay sculpture of “Rokis” created together with the guest artist Maris Grosbahs and the Rokai community. It is dried and burned in a special outdoor built-in ceramic kiln at the Kaunas 2022 Fluxus Festival.

You can watch the animation here

What inspires you as an artist? Inspiration might come from the tiny moss I saw on my walk through the forest or it may not.

What do you think is the purpose of art? To inspire the change, even if just a small one.

Your favourite book(s): Dino Buzzati “God, the moon and the other megafauna”, “Earth, Wind, Fire, Water – Craft Ontology”, Olga Tokarczuk “House of Day, House of Night”.

Your favourite film(s): Tarsem Sigh “The Fall”, Akira Kurosawa “Dreams”.


Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +37061656379