Judita Ragauskaitė
Dec 17, 2020

Currently lives and works in: Kaunas (Lithuania)

Practice: Film/Video/Audio

Going with the flow and trying to do my best on the way.

Areas of interest: Co-creating; Experiments; Comedy


Past projects you are proud of:

Title: Run Away

Type: Short experimental dance film

Project created in collaboration with choreographer Ula Liagaitė, featuring 10 contemporary dance performers. It tells a story of people struggling to run away.


MagiC Carpets project: Audio Pirtis

Audio pirtis” was created together with Karolina Latvytė-Bibiano.  Our main interest is to tell visual stories through audio experience. For MagiC Carpets project we worked in collaboration with a small community of traditional Lithuanian bathers. Lithuanian traditional baths are called – pirtis.  

Pirtis is full of ceremonies and rites, but nowadays they also combine the contemporary approach allowing the human soul and mind to relax, running away from fast moving world.During the process, we worked closely together with Giedrius Bučas and his wife Asta Bučienė. With their help we were able to experience unique traditions of Lithuanian baths and became part of the small community. During creative processes we visited pirtis three times. The first time we were participant in all the rites and bathing process, we found out more details about the importance of pirtis for Lithuanian culture and traditions. The other two times we visited pirtis with all the recording equipment to capture all the unique sounds as a hot steam, human emotions, water, and traditional rites to acted during bathing.

As we gather all needed material, we edited it in a six audio tracks and presented it in two forms as an audio installation exhibited during Fluxus Festival and audio pirtis webpage. Here you can dive in and calmly listen to immersive audio experience of Lithuanian baths.

What inspires you as an artist? People, their opinions, failures and ability to laugh at them.

What do you think is the purpose of art? For some art is a tool, for others it’s an eye-candy, soul food, or even a joke. Maybe? For me it is a language that I don’t fully understand yet enjoy trying to speak. My broken-art has helped me to connect with so many different people, learn and just have fun. Therefore, I suspect the purpose of art is communication.

Your favourite book(s): On Photography” by Susan Sontag; “Gertrud” by Hermann Hesse.

Your favourite film(s): Adam’s Apples, The Last Family, Adaptation, Happiness, Darjeeling Limited, many comedies from the Soviet times.


Contact information

Email: [email protected]