Karolina Latvytė Bibiano
Dec 17, 2020

Currently lives and works in: Lithuania

Practice: Interdisciplinary art

I am a curious person, who love to explore, not only new places, but also new medias. Nowadays I work with audio, video, photography, painting, etc. As I studied painting, I have a strong background in visual arts. Because of this, I see the world in a different light. It helps me to be more attentive to details. I think I am not a creative person, I just work with what it is around me and display it through my personal view. Art is everything. That’s why I love it.

Areas of interest: Everything art-related, nature, ecology, DIY.

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets: MagiC Carpets project provides a unique opportunity to fund artistic projects in which we could expand our artistic practice and work with a community. But most importantly, we could create and share a creative process with others, therefore, making new bonds, which enrich our experience.


Past projects you are proud of:

Title: pARTy

Type: Art event

pARTy. performance.ART.why. So serious?

Art – noun; the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, dance and etc.

Party – noun; a social event at which a group of people meet to talk, eat, drink, dance, etc., often to celebrate a special occasion.

pARTy – gathers creative people to make an ART event.

We live in a world where you cannot make mistakes and you must take everything seriously. But what would happen, if you arrived at an art event not to judge and be pretentious, but to have fun? During this event, artworks of 8 young artists were exhibited. The events ended with two performances and a dance piece.


Title: Nature morte

Type: Solo exhibition

Exhibition includes video projection, installation, and paintings on ceramic tiles

The exhibition portraits my inner fears, subjective reflections, esthetic pursuits, and discoveries of beauty in death. I collected photos of dead birds and painted them on ceramic tiles, researching boundaries between beauty of nature and dead object. When does an admirable being such as a bird become an unpleasant object?  During the process, I analyze my inner fear of death, and by creating this exposition I attempted to tame my worries.


Title: IRGI galerija

Type: Virtual gallery

During the pandemic time, in collaboration with an artist, curator, coordinator  Judita Ragauskaitė, we created a virtual platform IRGI galerija. It is a virtual contemporary art gallery, the main goal of which is to provide an alternative space for emerging artists.


MagiC Carpets project: Audio Pirtis

“Audio pirtis” was created together with Judita Ragauskaitė. Our main interest is to tell visual stories truth audio experience. For MagiC Carpets project, we worked in collaboration with a small community of traditional Lithuanian bathers. Lithuanian traditional baths are called – pirtis.

Pirtis is full of ceremonies and rites, but nowadays they also combine the contemporary approach allowing the human soul and mind to relax, running away from fast moving world.During the process, we worked closely together with Giedrius Bučas and his wife Asta Bučienė. With their help we were able to experience unique traditions of Lithuanian baths and became part of the small community. During creative processes we visited pirtis three times. The first time we were participant in all the rites and bathing process, we found out more details about the importance of pirtis for Lithuanian culture and traditions. The other two times we visited pirtis with all the recording equipment to capture all the unique sounds as a hot steam, human emotions, water, and traditional rites to acted during bathing.

As we gather all needed material, we edited it in a six audio tracks and presented it in two forms as an audio installation exhibited during Fluxus Festival and audio pirtis webpage. Here you can dive in and calmly listen to immersive audio experience of Lithuanian baths.

Listen in here


What inspires you as an artist? I aspire to research connections between the nature of human beings.

What do you think is the purpose of art? I love art in all its forms, I enjoy creative people and being around them. I don’t think art has one purpose. Art has the ability to induce different emotions, senses, play with your feelings and rise questions. That’s the beauty of it.

Your favourite book(s): The Box Man by Kobo Abe

Your favourite film(s): The White Ribbon; Antichrist; Melancholia; Joker; Into the Wild; Nightcrawler


Contact information


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +37062552462