Malin Tivenius
Jan 05, 2023

Malin Tivenius

I work a lot with sculpture, but also drawing, photography and other techniques. My process has often included casting and moulding. Moulding is an important technique for me for practical reasons, but I also take interest in the “negative” in the broader perspective.

I relate to the negative form as a room that creates context. Or it is the context that creates form around itself. The voids confirm body, space, and movement. I investigate intimate ties between people, organisms and environment and how different places and environments bring forth thoughts and feelings. It flows into an investigation of bonds between people or other beings, intimate bonds to places, landscapes, environment, etc.

Practice: Art, Mixed media

Areas of interest: Stories about space, fears, life, longing, and love

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets: As a local artist, I will now work in a place where I grew up. I have been away from this region for many years and recently moved back. It gives me a mixed perspective that feels exciting to me. The waterways and especially Svartån (a river) that flows through central Örebro and through a large part of the county have always been important to me and something that I was often concerned about in relation to my hometown. In this project, I want to work with the waterways in the county. I want to find stories that reflect over time that are relevant to the status of water today.

MagiC Carpets project

Riverbed time stories

The project is related to the discovery of a hundred-year-old river pearl mussel that was found in 2015 in Svartån River that flows through Örebro. The story of the mussel, in turn, talks about the condition of water in Svartån and how it has changed in the last hundred years. The pearl mussel is a very clear indicator of clean running water where the ecological interactions between species exist undisturbed. If you see that the river pearl mussel is disappearing, it is a warning sign that the entire part of nature may disappear as well. The state of health of water in Svartån has long been poor, and, therefore, the finding of the mussel was sensational.

Past projects

Botanic lexicon

Type: Text, drawing and objects

BOTANIC LEXICON is the name of a work created on site in Port au Prins for The Ghetto Biennale.

The work is a fanzine with drawings and imaginary and fact-based descriptions of insignificant objects that are perceived to be in the periphery of the gaze.

The texts are based on an interview with a Haitian artist Jean Claude Saintilus in whose home the work was also shown during the Biennale.

What inspires you as an artist?

To travel.

To meet.

Being in nature.

To discuss spiritual perspectives and to learn about culture and history. To look at art and to see the perspective of other artists. I am also very inspired by groves, hollow trees and animals that carry around their houses such as shells and clams.

What do you think is the purpose of art? To communicate.


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