Mariia Yakymenko
Oct 14, 2022

Mariia Yakymenko

I am a woman and an artist. I am also an expat, who changed countries when she was 16. A girl, who decided that language is the key to people’s minds and studied English philology and sociology. Diving deeper, I see myself as a person, who constantly tries to explore and find ways to know her character more. I also can definitely say that I am an emotional and expressive person, who easily can get blown away by her own thoughts and feelings. My goal is to learn how to capture them and look through them thoroughly, to discover what they really mean to me. Besides, I believe that people are constructed of different metaphoric fragments they find around them and instead of understanding my personality, I try to look for pieces that can potentially reflect my own identity and will represent me.

I chose collaging as my main activity, because I enjoy the idea of reinventing things, making something new from something old. Changing the perspective and the meaning of a picture by reorganizing it is really appealing to me. Talking about my artworks, I always perceived art as a kind of therapy. My art is either about my own experience or something that impressed me very much. Even though I try to communicate my thoughts in both of these situations, I prefer my collages to stay puzzling. I appreciate an observer to be curious and take a guess. Fun fact: I buy all my materials in antique bookshops, so many of them have those vintage pastel colours I love to use in my works.

Areas of interest: Collage, drawing, analogue photography

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This is my collage named “rebirth”. The heart survived, and this survival has its own mark. It was inspired by kintsugi – the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold; built on the idea that in embracing flaws and mistakes, you can reinvent the piece by creating a new and even stronger piece of art. My collage is about accepting imperfections and reinventing.

I really enjoyed a layered process of making this collage. I needed to make a mock-up of a heart, cut the parts one by one. Then, I painted the paper using a shiny gold ink and glued the parts together. Afterwards, I made a so-called star from book pages and glued the heart to the center.

MY rebirth Mariia Yakymenko
MY rebirth Mariia Yakymenko

What inspires you as an artist? My own thoughts, feelings, emotions, experience and things I find worth sharing through my prism of view.

What do you think is the purpose of art? The purpose of art is to communicate things you cannot find the words for.


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