Nina Khyzhna
Jan 06, 2023

Nina Khyzhna

Theatre “Nafta”, “VARTA”

Currently lives and works: Lviv (Ukraine) / Graz (Austria)

Nina Khyzhna is a Ukrainian theater director, performer, teacher and choreographer. Nina studied theater and film acting in Kharkiv National Kotlyarevsky University of Arts. She worked with European theaters in Poland (Polish alternative theater BRAMA, Teatr Powszechny), Slovakia and Austria. Nina collaborates on different theater projects with independent Ukrainian theaters “Theater beautiful flowers”, “Teatr Neft”, “Varta”. As an actress and performer she worked in Taras Shevchenko Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater and Kharkiv state theater for children and youth. Her performances and theater pieces are performed at different festivals in Poland, Germany, Italy, Ukraine. She is also leading a laboratory for performance, theater and body-oriented practices. Nina works in the field of the physical theater, performance art and documentary.

Practice: Theatre, Performance, Movement

Areas of interest: Performance, Theatre, Dance, Body-Oriented Therapy

MagiC Carpets project

How We Are Together

Past projects


Type: Performance

A documentary performance based on the stories of theater actors and actresses. It aims to start the process of overcoming the silence around uncomfortable topics, support the process of fighting the culture of silence, finding ways to overcome fear, methods of working with manipulations and avoiding burnout in the theater. See the teaser in here.


Type: Dance performance

A dance performance where the authors expressing their own thoughts and reflections on the topic of the artist’s role and place of the society and the causes and consequences of emigration. See the teaser in here.

“Art of democracy/Art of love”

Type: Participatory performance

This performance was created within the framework of the “Parade Fest” (Kharkiv). The development of events in the performance depends on the reactions and actions of the audience. It’s an invitation to ask ourselves: are we ready to take responsibility for changes? This is a social experiment and a theatrical game.

What inspires you as an  artist? Ability to influence social processes. A sense of unity and struggle for common values.

What do you think is the  purpose of art? My aim is to use art as a safe space for dialogue, as a social tool for creating communities and introducing the themes of  tolerance, equality, and security into social discourse.


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