Vera Mota
Apr 11, 2019

Full name: Vera Mota
Organisation: Ideias Emergentes
Currently lives and works in: Porto, Portugal
Practice: Sculpture, performance, drawing
Areas of interest: Visual arts, music, cinema, literature, nature
Favorite books: Cartas, Fernando Pessoa
Favorite films: Nostalgia, Tarkovsky

"Non figurative situation - the economy of the presence," 2017 (Sculpture)
Vera Mota, “Non figurative situation – the economy of the presence”, 2017 (Sculpture)

I develop work in the areas of performance, sculpture and drawing. My work is identified by minimalist principles and common traits that point to the conflict between the will to order and a fascination by error and accident.

I try to pay special attention to the economy of presence, effort and action, seeking to create new spaces for objects through the composition. By the means of simple action, I highlight the physical qualities of the materials, carefully chosen due to their specificities and characteristics that determine the production of my work.

My work, which often questions the conflict-conditions that govern the relationships of verticality and horizontality, is always affected by the dimension of performance, albeit sometimes implicit and non-literal, whether due to the way that one senses the presence of a determined object or due to its suggested possible use.

What inspires you as an artist?
Life, geometry, materials, disorder, shapes.

What do you think is the purpose of art?
Think the world.

Why are you a part of MagiC Carpets?
I was selected by a curator to be in an artistic residency.

MagiC Carpets project: “Heads” (sculpture) and “Head to the floor” (performance)

Portuguese artist Vera Mota on residency at EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial. Photo by Mindaugas Drigotas | Nanook.

During this residency, I developed a sculpture installation consisting of 5mx 2m canvas placed on the floor and several small heads made of bronze (about the size of an orange). These heavy metal heads placed on the fabric generate a depression on this material sinking and creating a small well. The materials contrast, as the bronze is hard and shiny, and the fabric is flexibleand bland.

I also developed a performative work where again the head is brought against the floor, this time through an exercise that requires effort, around a green flat rectangle canvas placed on the floor. This rectangle works as a chrome key like screen where all surfaces or realities could materialize virtually. The body moves trying to bring the head against the floor while going around the perimeter of the rectangle.

Past projects Vera Mota is proud of

Type: Sculpture

Vero Mota, Mergulho
Vero Mota, “Mergulho”

The title of the work I presented at the Pedro Cera Gallery is capable of placing us within a very specific situation from the point of view of action. The word dive suggests that immersion within a physical or psychic state. The title is essential for the building of a possible scenario in which the spectators may locate themselves. There will have to be a physical and emotional availability for us to be able to come to the materials and forms I use as mediators of this relationship. The bare backdrop on a cloth setting, glass, sculptures and found objects are references to the action that takes place in this space.

Contact Vera Mota

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 00351- 932067667
Instagram: @vera_mota