Yulia Krivich
Mar 16, 2024

Yulia Krivich Kaunas 2023 by Gintare Zaltauskaite

Yulia Krivich is a visual artist, activist, and co-organizer of the Słonecznik [Sunflower] Solidarity Community Center in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. She graduated from the Department of Architecture of the State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Dnipro and from the Faculty of Media Arts in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Practice: Postartistic practices, community building, photography, happening, social engagement

Areas of interest: Activism, collective practices, work with community, Eastern Europe, migration, decolonial approaches in art.

Magic Carpets project | “Community as a Healing Resource”

Past project

Crisis Kiosk

Type: Perfomance, activism, happening, postartistic activities

“Crisis Kiosk” is an artistic intervention, a collective record of survival systems, a place to collectively nourish (or nourish collectivity). Moulding into the public space of Vilnus, the performance will take place at a food stand between small shop-keepers, those most vulnerable in times of crisis yet those usually encouraging social exchange. In times of great precarity of the interdependence, where the occupied Ukraine is often blamed for the energy crisis and food scarcity, we want to look into the burned fields to find grassroot interdependence and solidarity – beyond the narratives that deny Ukrainians the right to defend, while they carry Europe on their shoulders. This time we meet to talk politics among kvass and sunflower seeds, cooking it up with personal, multigenerational stories of survival and embodied communal intelligence that reminds us of the non-linearity of time.

What inspires you as an artist? In my practice, I explore issues related to migration, using elements of activism and collective practices. My interests include topics related to language, Eastern Europe and postcolonial theory.

What do you think is the purpose of art? I believe in the effectiveness of art that goes beyond classical material artwork. In this domain, we can exceed different limits, initiate events, demolish old cultural myths, highlight complex and obscure topics, and create socially valuable forms. In my view, art is political and is able to shape reality.


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