A MagiC experience lived in Slon, within the residency in Romania

Andreea Drăghicescu
Gaspard Hoël | META Cultural Foundation Sep 06, 2023

The artistic experience that MagiC Carpets has given us is really great.
When we proposed our musical comedy project to the META Cultural Foundation of Bucharest, we didn’t expect it to be so well received. This trust continued throughout the residency, where all our wildest ideas were supported and taken seriously. We’re very happy with the result and the young people from the village who took part seem just as enthusiastic.
We spent 3 weeks creating music and filming in collaboration with the people of Slon. We met Dani, a young guitarist who publishes videos on TikTok. We composed several original tracks based on his ideas and wishes and taught him the basics of arranging and producing music in the studio. These songs became the basis of a narrative in which he became the main character: a boy who can only express himself through his guitar. Alice, a girl from the village who was firstly involved as translator / mediator took also part in the project as one of the main characters.
We organized workshops with village children to produce the opening and closing tracks for the film. We then set off to shoot these two scenes in the village in a spirit inspired by the intro and outro of Hollywood musical films (but much more DIY).

This experience makes us want to build a long-term artistic relationship with Romania.
And we can’t wait to come and run a new project here involving the encounters we’ve made during this residency.