The final work by artist-in-residence Carmen Brucic
Dec 02, 2021

Presentation of the final work by artist-in-residence Carmen Brucic – “Private Stages” was hosted by Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum on November 26th.
Within two weeks in the summer of 2021 Carmen Brucic creates five portraits that circle round the following questions: Can resistance flourish in isolation? Which other forms of resistance can be developed? How does one prepare oneself for the future? How can political and social changes be pushed? Future wide open.
The program was implemented by Tbilisi Photo Festival in a partnership with Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum funded by MagiC Carpets, a Creative Europe platform.
Carmen Brucic was suggested by Austrian partner-organization Openspace.innsbruck.
Multimedia project is available on online archives of TPMM’s i-mediatheque.