Sep 29, 2020


MagiC Carpets platform includes various communities to join artistic activities that have an opportunity to share their stories, myths, adventures, thus revealing for artists who have come from abroad the local context. Such live encounters and exchange of experience as well as the co-creation between the local communities and foreign artists create a better space to develop intercultural, emotional and social environment.

We asked our artists and curators to share their thoughts. And we can conclude that it’s a tough question, with different definitions, something difficult to explain but natural to understand.

Thoughts by:

Curator from Croatia, LAB 852 Marija Kamber

Artist from Croatia Ana Dana Beroš

Artist from Albania Bora Baboci

Artist based in Germany Yves Mettler

Artist from Portugal Pedro Cavaco Leitão

Artist from Austria Matthias Krinzinger

Artist from Portugal Patricia Geraldes

Curator from Italy Giulia Pardini

Author of the MagiC Carpets concept and Benedetta Carpi de Resmini

Video by NARA