Magic Carpets 2021 Exhibition: Folkestone

As our 4th and final year within the Creative Europe platform MagiC Carpets is coming to a close, we invite you to remember, reflect, and feel inspired for the future with us during our closing event plans.

This exhibition, hosted by Urban Room Folkestone, is a retrospective encompassing all of the residencies Folkestone Fringe has either hosted or nominated an artist to be part of within the MagiC Carpets Platform.

Throughout all of the residencies we have hosted in Folkestone, the key aim has been to create projects which connect people to each other and the place that they live. We, at Folkestone Fringe, believe that this connection has a huge impact on well-being and a sense of belonging.

The exhibition draws connections and creates a dialogue between the artists’ research which have all been driven by local specificities, here and abroad. There have been 2 key themes which have been explored in various ways throughout the 4 years which are: People’s relationship with the land and Bridging micro and macro borders.


Sep 09 - 26 2021


All Day

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