SCORE PROJECT by Nicola di Croce

SCORE is a collaborative process dealing with different relationships with the city. Participants are asked to respond to a series of “scores” aiming to trigger their sonic memory and to participate together in a collaborative composition dedicated to Innsbruck. The scores invite participants to submit sound material, which will be used, mixed and reinterpreted during the performance.


2.10.2020 at 3PM in Hofgarten City Park / Heart of Noise Festival (Openspace.innsbruck)

We are keen to adopt a participatory approach to our this-years work practice, which could let the artists involved in the SCORE collaborate also in the performance.

Its work in progress!

And we are looking forward to see the outcome.


Artist participating: Milena Meller, Anna Lerchbaumer, Lucas Norer, Lukas Moritz Wegscheider, Andreas Zissler, Peter Lorenz und Nicola die Croce.



Oct 02 2020



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