Apr 16, 2021


Are you an artist, and want some help with getting your work out there? Are you a local group who are working on a project you’d like to share with others? Are you a business who has a spare wall and wants to be part of the map? Are you someone with a hobby, such as gardening, collecting, swimming, or something else that connects to the projects in our Fringe programme? Keep reading, this could be your chance to give ‘it’ a go.

Fringe Open is officially Open for all…and is the “Sub-Plot” to the biggest of all Plots. 

Fringe Open is the central platform for everybody planning creative activity during the Triennial. We offer a helping hand to all individuals and collectives to develop and express their creativity, no matter their age, background or experience – taking advantage of the excitement stimulated by the Triennial period.

Fringe Open wants to encourage you to join in the fun and activity that takes over the town during the Folkestone Triennial.

1st round deadline for submitting interest: 10th May 2021