Hop on our carpet for an inspiring ride across Europe
Dec 01, 2022

In early 2022 the new phase of the EU platform “Magic Carpets” began with the 14 platform members and two partnering organisations joining their forces to accelerate the creative collaborations between emerging artists, emerging curators and various communities.
Summer and autumn of the year was intense in many Magic Carpets countries. We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride on our magical carpet getting to know the ideas behind the residencies, seeing the creative results, engaging with the artists and communities involved.

See our Residencies section and travel to beautiful island of Hvar in Croatia, to join the program Postcards which was developed to encourage research and evaluation of the lesser-known elements of the local heritage of Jelsa and the island of Hvar and their (re)interpretation outside of the usual tourist-commercial narrative.
Continuing the summer breeze in Portugal, at the tenth contemporary textile biennial Contextile 2022 which presented three Magic Carpets artists and their work with the local community of Guimarães. 
We are also taking you to the Pankisi valley in Tbilisi, where the Tbilisi Photo Festival has been organizing decentralized artistic and educational activities for marginalized groups for the last 10 years. This year “Sounds of The Valley” hosted the multidisciplinary artist from Tartu (Estonia) Diana Tamane and Georgian photographer Tamar Kalandadze with American Ethnomusicologist based in Georgia Ben Wheeler.
In the neighborhoods of Rome Laurentino 38 and the Corviale the City Jungle festival took place. See the puzzle made by the artist from Lithuania Berta Tilmantaite, Italian producer, DJ, and composer of Nigerian origin Sunny Nwume and local architect Matteo De Marco.
For the first time the Magic Carpets are taking you to Istanbul where the Mahalla Festival has taught us about the rich and diverse history of the Kurtuluş district.
In Kaunas (Lithuania) project “The Merge” took place this autumn with the three artists working with the “Herojus” school attended by the local Lithuanian and newly formed Ukrainian community in the city.
Wrocław Institute of Culture hosted this resident as part of MagiC Carpets magical journeys. For one month, street art artist and illustrator Davide D’Angelo aka URKA worked with the local community in the space of Barbara.
Three artists Toni Mijač, Sebastian Moldovan, Alina Manolache continued working at the Slon village, Prahova County, Romania. See their experiences in the three texts written by the curator Raluca-Elena Doroftei.
The residencies continue in different organisations and you can follow those live on our members social media accounts.