Inspiring meeting for curators
Mar 11, 2023

Day 3 in Wroclaw by Wojciech Chrubasik

Keeping up with the #magiccarpets Meeting in Wrocław, day #3

Third and last day of activities for our Emerging Curators was filled with a workshop about artists’ working conditions moderated by Neringa Kulik, the director of the platform and “Fluxus Labas”. The team focused on defining a process of preparing for the upcoming closing of the Magic Carpets. Thank you for an inspiring space Klub Pod Kolumnami.

On Friday, curators had the opportunity to see Concordia Design Wrocław a modern creativity and business center on one of Wrocław’s islands. Leaving the city center, we also went to the Nadodrze District, where an independent local curator, Agata Ciastoń, gave a curatorial tour of Magda Bogdańska’s “Heaven and Garden” exhibition at the photo gallery “Miejsce przy Miejscu 14”.
Friday’s tour of Wrocław’s cultural spaces ended with an amazing visit in MiserArt – a culture zone beyond pathos and etiquette, creating transitions between extremes in the labyrinth of exclusion. It is a meeting and joint work space for people experiencing homelessness, street workers, artists and craftsmen, operating in the Wrocław’s Nadodrze District since 2014.
Thank you everyone for having us!
Photo gallery by Wojtek Chrubasik