Sep 25, 2020


September – November 2020

As part of MAGIC CARPETS – Creative Europe Platform Project 2017 – 2021

Organized and curated by openspace.innsbruck and The Doing Group.



Welcome to Invisible Cities Innsbruck – a world as diverse as the imagination of its inhabitants. All of us live our own realities of Innsbruck. How you experience the city and how you can imagine it, shapes your individual version of Innsbruck – it is your Invisible City. The sum of all these Invisible Cities together, the meeting of all the different realities of Innsbruck’s inhabitants, makes the city what it is. This process-oriented performance project tries to explore, document and discuss the multiplicity of lived perspectives and invisible city versions of Innsbruck.



By: Nicola di Croce
With contributions from: Milena Meller, Anna Lerchbaumer, Lucas Norer, Andreas Zissler, Lukas Moritz Wegscheider u.a

The sound artist Nicola di Croce from Venice (suggested by our Magic Carpets partnerorganisation Latitudo Art Projects from Rome) works during his Artist-in-residence together with local artists on Innsbruck’s soundworlds during lockdown and developes a prozess oriented project  – SCORE. In an attempt to develop participatory methods and collaborative processes, they make the diversity of Innsbruck’s sonic realities audible in times of a global pandemic. The collected field recordings are combined with bells as sonic landmarks to explore urban resonances and create a multi-layered sound map of the city as a metaphorical index of Invisible Cities Innsburck. This site-specific multi-channel sound performance is realized in cooperation with the bell foundry GRASSMAYER and openspace.innsbruck as part of Heart Of Noise Festival and represents the prologue of the project.

SCORE embraces different relationships with the city. Participants are asked to respond to a series of three “scores” aiming to trigger their sonic memory and to participate together in a collaborative composition dedicated to Innsbruck. The scores invite participants to exchange by using horizontal methods submit sound material, which will be used, mixed and reinterpreted during the performance. The process you can also follow on Magic Carpets Innsbruck bandcamp platform.

Heart of Noise Festival 2020:
2.10. at 15:00 at Hofgarten / Musikpavillion (Innsbruck, Austria)



If we imagine the city of Innsbruck as a book, the reality of each inhabitant represents an independent chapter. Collecting these personal cityscapes challenges the homogenized narrative of Innsbruck as a sterile old town for tourists and emphasizes the diversity that lies within the city.

To collect these lived realities in times of a global pandemic, a pizza box is filled with a digital and interactive performance machine. This pizza box performance will be delivered directly to your home from 28.9. – 4.10. on advance order by phone at +4368120171494 in compliance with all hygiene regulations. This way socially engaged art can continue to be practiced as a system-relevant delivery service even in the event of another lockdown.

Within 30-60 minutes you will be introduced to the world of Innsbruck’s Invisible Cities and guided to use your imagination to creatively transform your city using description, sounds and shapes. Order your participatory performance now and contribute your personal cityscape as a chapter in the metaphorical book of INVISIBLE CITIES INNSBRUCK.

All created chapters will then be exhibited here on our website and shown as an epilogue in the form of a mobile installation in public space from November 4 to 7 as part of the contemporary art festival  – Premierentage Innsbruck 2020.



As an epilogue of the project, all collected urban imaginings will be exhibited together in the form of a mobile installation in public space in Reichenau, Olympisches Dorf, Wilten and Hötting West. As part of the Premierentage Innsbruck, the mobile installation will contribute to decentralize the perception of Innsbruck through creative activities outside of the city center, while at the same time pointing out the diversity of the lived realities encompassed in INVISIBLE CITIES INNSBRUCK. A pop-up city model made of pizza boxes houses the multitude of imaginative cityscapes, which were processed into short videos. These creative versions of Innsbruck are spatially juxtaposed with each other in a dialogue to discursively grasp the identity of Innsbruck and to negotiate it together.

Together with artist: Peter Lorenz, Stefan, Rasberger, ludwig technique, Philipp Schwaderer, Jan Contala, Eleni Palles.


Thu 5.11.

12:00 – 15:00 Olympisches Dorf: DDr. Karl Lugger Square

16:00 – 19:00 Wilten: Wiltener Platzl

Fri 6.11.

12:00 – 15:00 Hötting West: parking lot in front of Kolpinghaus

16:00 – 19:00 in front of Sillpark

Sat 7.11.

12:00 – 15:00 Reichenau: in front of Pauluskirche

16:00 – 19:00 in front of Landesmuseum


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The Magic Carpets project is funded by the EU as part of the “Creative Europe” program and supported by the City of Innsbruck, State of Tyrol, Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, and Public Service.

Invisible Cities Innsbruck project is co-financed by stadt_potenziale and supported by IVB and Druckerei Pircher.