“Involving communities through artistic practices.” Workshop by Jacopo Natoli in Lviv.
Nov 24, 2020


Taking the opportunity to work with Jacopo: an artist-experimenter, teacher, professor, art therapist, Jam Factory Art Center organizes a two-day workshop “Involving communities through artistic practices.”

The seminar is held in Lviv on 3th and 4th of December.

✓How do artists work with communities?
✓How to improve our skills for shaping a common-body?
✓How to design multipolar, transgenerational, and intersubjective collective?
✓How to generate, lead, and conclude moments of co-creation and collaborations?
✓How to teach what we don’t know? What does sympoiesis mean?

The workshop by the Italian artist Jacopo Natoli aims to give some theoretical and practical tools for exploring those questions and raising new ones. The event is useful for those who practice or want to start working with groups and communities. Artists, curators, cultural project managers are the audience for this workshop.

The workshop is implemented by Jam Factory Art Center within the international program #MagiCCarpets, co-financed by the European Union.