Kaunas Biennial: five interdisciplinary initiatives
Feb 26, 2021


During the summer of 2020 Kaunas Biennial collaborated with interdisciplinary artists from Kaunas city and the region to create and present five projects which were chosen to be a part of the MagiC Carpets programme.

Emerging curator Neringa Kulik shares the difficulties that arose while working during pandemic and provides a closer insight to the process in collaboration with the different communities.
“We discussed a lot in our team on how best to approach it and having chosen to work with local artists I think it was the best decision that we’ve made. The criteria for choosing five projects was that it had to be a local emerging artist, working with local community. So we were really looking at the areas and communities that thethe artists wanted to work with, and also kind of differentiating between disciplines”, – N. Kulik.

Projects were supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.