MagiC Carpets Landed in Aveiro
Aug 25, 2022

Magic Carpets Landing Aveiro (Portugal) 2022, July by Dana Click

The international exhibit MagiC Carpets Landed at the Aveiro – Festival Dos Canais 2022, July.  The exhibition presented the four-year project MagiC Carpets, co-financed by EU Creative Europe. This journey around Europe, with its gaze set on the future, actively involved young audiences and local communities in the fifteen partner countries.

The exhibition from the idea of the curator Benedetta Carpi De Resmini is a co-creative process, and not just a show of artworks. The main concept that underlies the whole project is related to the idea of transformation and mutation. Community creative processes, which as Magic Carpets platform have undertaken together with artists during these 4 years, needed to accompany the visitor in a new story, in a constantly mutating exhibition.

This exhibition in Averio followed the initial idea of transformation of bodies and the fluidity of creativity wants to focus on female artists. Warriors are able to adapt to different and adverse circumstances, without sacrificing themselves. Women that are capable of transforming situations, finding great strength in creating a cohesive and resilient network. The subtitle “We will leave our shape behind” (inspired by the Audre Lorde poem A woman speaks) gives the idea that we are passing a new period.

The artists in the exhibition were revealing our contemporaneity as Yaryna Shumska (UKR), addressing a prayer to the future Melissa Rodrigues (PT), transforming the vision like Grossi Maglioni (IT), enhancing the gaze while playing such as Gemma Riggs (UK), Dancing with our wounds Merri Mkrtchian (GE), creating a new present with our past Ana Dana Beros (HR), Encountering the Others such as Verónica Troncoso (DE), all in the Capitania. Furthermore are: mixing up the rules Elina Marta Martinsone (LV), inviting to listen to our ecosystem Francisca Rocha Gonçalves (PT), building communities Jelena Skuliene (LT), in Teatro Aveirense. Then in the Museu de Santa Joana are exploring ourselves Paulina Almeida (PT) and connecting identities Las Mitocondria.

Along with the exhibit, MagiC Carpets Landed included a structured programme of performances and workshops by Yaryna Shumska, Marta Martinsone, Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa and Grossi Maglioni.

Photos by Dana Click