Magic Carpets: Romania showcase
Jan 11, 2021


META Cultural Foundation organizes the Romanian residence involving artists through the Magic Carpets project.

The artistic residency in Slon is a 4-week workshop taking place annually in the village Slon, Cerașu commune, Prahova county, and in Bucharest, Romania, and its purpose is to bring together, over time, foreign and Romanian emerging directors/artists, aiming to encourage cultural mobility within the European Union and its related territories. The invited artists create an artistic project (an experimental film/short film) starting from the setting provided by the residency. They explore the Romanian countryside and engage local communities in the film making process until the end of their stay in Romania. One of the purposes of META Foundation is to bring together local and foreign artists, enabling them to work together, while regarding the location itself as a possible material and artistic content. Slon village and its surroundings, with everything involving the history, tradition, nature, and creative potential of the local community, become a research topic, inspiring the projects of the invited artists.

An online showcase presents the works of ten artists active in the field of video art and cinematography. The works have been created throughout the three editions of their residency in Slon, between 2018-2020.

See all videos in here:

The artists selected by curator Raluca Elena Doroftei during the first edition (2018) are Larisa Crunţeanu (RO), Vojin Ivkov (SRB), and Michal Kindernay (CZ). The second edition, which took place in 2019, included artists Vlad Dinu (RO), Daniel Djamo (RO), Marta Elina Martinsone (LV), and Luisa Sequeira (PT), while this year the artists were Mihai Gavril Dragolea (RO), Toni Mijač (HR)/Vlad Dinu (RO) and Ana Țăran (RO).

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