MagiC meetings: Marta Martinsone in Slon
Aug 14, 2019


What do you know about Romania? How does it look like to you from what you have been able to see by now?
I do not know too much about Romania – except that we had a sort of similar path of history. And Transylvania. It looks wonderful, with very open and warm people, beautiful mountains and tons of animals, which I like a lot. It seems like a place, where the old and the new can co-exist. And people tend to like printed t-shirts a lot.

What do you think & know about the residency of MagiC Carpets?
I only learned about this residency, when I got a proposition to apply. It seems like a great opportunity with a wide range of different people with different interests and sets of skills.

What are the main topics you’re interested in?
Imagination and the blending of fantasy and reality. History, politics, gender issues. Blending of genres.

What do you think about the timeframe for the residency and what subject will you choose for your film/artwork?The timeframe seems ok at the moment, but maybe a longer period for the post-production would be nice. My film will talk about history, mythologization of history, and how we tend to oversimplify things.

Have you ever been in this kind of a residency in a remote location? What do you like about this kind of projects?
I haven’t. So, this is my first. The remote location is amazing. 

How do you relate to the area where the residency is?
I can relate, because many things (objects, words, ethnic clothing, etc.) are similar to Latvia. Romanians are much more open and extroverted than Latvians, though.

What are you closer to: cinema or video art?
Cinema. I don’t really do video art. 

How do you relate to this format of the residency where we have Romanian, Latvian and Portuguese artists?
The more diversity, the better!