Multidisciplinary residency program at ZK/U
Apr 16, 2021


ZK/U hosts a multidisciplinary residency program, offering a living and working space for practitioners of all kinds (artists, researchers, activists, professionals of various fields) whose work or approach explores the dynamics and experiences of the city. The residency program welcomes applications with proposal framed as:

  • a conceptual, contextual and interventionist contemporary artistic position,
  • research or experimentation in the  fields of urbanism, geography, anthropology, architecture and the humanities.

The common theme and interests that link the work of ZK/U residents allow mutual learning, spontaneous collaborations, discussions and exchanges to emerge, enriched by the diversity of disciplines and profiles of the residents. The ZK/U building, a former train station building located in a dynamic public park, is a space for urban experimentation and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Hosting regular public events for a diverse audience, ZK/U is also a lively cultural venue. Residents are encouraged to involve themselves with ZK/U’s cultural program and to propose their own formats.

More information on the residency can be found here.