Jul 03, 2019


Latitudo-Art Projects is pleased to present, at the Sala Lettura of the Macro Asilo on Friday, 7 June at 18:00, Patricia Geraldes, a Portuguese artist invited to a period of residence in Rome as part of the Magic Carpets platform, an international artistic project co-financed by the Creative Europe Platforms Programme, from an idea of Benedetta Carpi De Resmini for Latitudo – Art Projects anddeveloped with the collaboration ofthirteen European partners.

Patricia Geraldes’ work features a strong prevalence of manual and artisan work, where various materials, like wood and paper, ink and etching, are used. In her artistic practice, there is a special focus on narration and the book, an object the artist uses in several sculptures, bringing together a biocentric style with the idea of restoring a virtuous balance between humans and nature. Our link with nature and with the community, respect for the environment and the energy that comes from greenery itself also play an essential role in her work. One of the main goals of her art is to involve the different local communities where she works, uncovering stories of identify and memory.

During her first residence in Rome, the artist with the inhabitants of Corviale neighbourhood and had the cooperation of Latitudo-Art Projects and the Mitreo Iside Centre for Contemporary Art. She explored the Nuovo Corviale building, discovering its secrets, speaking with people, going into the depths of this huge and, in some ways, inaccessible building. At Mitreo Iside, Patricia worked closely with children, teenagers, adults and elderly people living in the Corviale, encouraging them to share their stories and create a series of diaries together, which include memories and photos of the neighbourhood.

During the event Nature and Narration, Patricia Geraldes will show the public some examples of her diaries, sharing the artisanal and manual techniques used to make them and her experience in the Corviale neighbourhood.

Benedetta Carpi De Resmini will open the event, introducing briefly the Magic Carpets platform and the theme chosen for the project’s second year: gentrification and urban outskirts.

The event will last approximately an hour and a half and will be held in Italian and English.