Open Talk: Follow the Waves
Mar 12, 2021


Event by Latitudo – Art Projects and Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma.

Follow the waves is the title we decided to give for a new series of talks that will start this month!

We chose the waves, their movement and their liquidity to unfold the fluidity of a living exhibition by using the dialogue.

We will invite you to a cycle of symposiums related to the main topics of Magic Carpets Landed, the final exhibition of the four-year project Magic Carpets. This event will take place in Kaunas, the European Capital of Culture 2022 curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini.

The Magic Carpets Landed exhibition project will be an extensive project and therefore distributed throughout the territory and will be a major evet for Kaunas 2022.
The exhibition of a four-year project cannot be just a simple display of works: artworks as tools for shared actions.  This exhibition it aims to broaden the field of action and transform the exhibition itself into tools for interpreting our contemporary society. The idea is to activate new processes, with the ultimate goal of building a project that goes beyond the event; enhancing therefore the mutual understanding and shared responsibility.

The works of individual artists will be selected and included in the various sections of the exhibition to create a sort of path within the city. The artworks will be part of a process that will go beyond the physical place: the idea is to interpret the spaces more as tools for activating processes than as places to host the works on display, with the ultimate goal of building a project that will go beyond the event.

The idea of fluidity is pivotal to the exhibition in order to deconstruct the static nature usually linked to this kind of events. The final show will not be the sum of every single artworks, but an organic overview which lives and enhances through its own ideas.

Latitudo Art Projects with the curatorship of Benedetta Carpi De Resmini intends to open insights on:

Words & Tales                         March 18th, 2021
Migration & Liminality April 22nd, 2021
Co-Creation May 20th, 2021
Communities and Public Spaces June 24th, 2021
The Ecosystem Between Art and Globalization September 23rd, 2021

The awareness that not only our individual destiny depends on our actions, but of all those around us, opens up the need to an encounter with the other also through art. Shared responsibility, reciprocity and community are in this current historical moment, important topics to reflect on. The authorial boundaries of an artwork fade into an elaboration with fluid outlines where it is not possible to recognize the identity of the individual but one can detect an identity of a collective organism. The crossing into the other, mitogenesis become keywords to build together a participatory and choral vision and activate a spiral-shaped process open to the unexpected.


First Talk: WORDS & TALES

This first meeting will be focused on Words & Tales and will be transmitted live on Facebook the following Thursday 18th, at 5.30 PM. (CET)

During this Open talk we would like to underline the relevance of narrating as a methodology to activate a co-creation process while giving life to new experiences.

At the end of the meeting will be presented the publication of the 3rd year of Magic Carpets Italy together with interviews done by all the artists involved in this project.



Moderator Benedetta Carpi De Resmini – Director Latitudo Art Projects and curator

Cecilia Casorati – Director ABAROMA

Nicoletta Agostini – ABAROMA Lecturer in History of Contemporary Art; Didactics of artistic languages; General elements of psychology

Sara Basta – Artist and Lecturer

John Cascone ­– Artist and Lecturer

Giulia Pardini – Project Coordinator and Curator

In conversation with:

Mykolas Juodele ­– Photographer

Nicola Di Croce – Artist and Lecturer

Guendalina Salini – Artist

Jacopo Natoli – Artist and Lecturer


Magic Carpets comes from an idea of Benedetta Carpi De Resmini. The project was developed thanks to the leading partner Kaunas Biennial and a network of 15 European partners. The platform is co-financed by the Creative Europe Platform Programme, the European Commission’s programme to support the culture and audio-visual sectors.

The organisers’ aim is to increase dialogue between the countries partner of the platform through a programme of artists’ residences and exhibitions that involves international artists working on themes of identity, territory and community.