When one has a space and some imagination, it may be transformed into all sorts of things: meeting points for cultures, experiences, local and international narratives and, of course, a place for one of the MagiC Carpets to land. 

OPENSPACE.INNSBRUCK is a private association that runs approximately 60 m2 of polyvalent indoor space (+60 m2 of space outdoors). It has been conducting its activities in Innsbruck (Austria) since 2012.

The aim of OPENSPACE.INNSBRUCK is to provide space, organisation and professional support for local, national and international artists and creatives, working at the intersection of art, design and sound.

OPENSPACE.INNSBRUCK strives to maintain healthy communication with the local community in which it is established, but also it aims to keep in touch and collaborate with members from the professional sphere as well. Using its experience gained working in the fields of arts, architecture, sound and design, the operators of this space are constantly organising a wide variety of indoor and outdoor cultural projects in collaboration with the local communities.

Deep in the heart of its neighbourhood and community, OPENSPACE.INNSBRUCK also intends to bring the arts and education to an audience which frequently remains left out of the scope of contemporary cultural activities.

The work of this association is not only oriented towards the inner processes of the community it is established in, it also attempts to influence the community and migrant policies of the city, by including people with diverse backgrounds into the creative processes.

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