Paulina Almeida in residency as a local artist
Sep 02, 2020


Local artist Paulina Almeida is at the MagiC Carpets and Ideias Emergentes residency in Guimarães (Portugal).

Artistic residency will promote the relationship and integration with the community and the work based on thinking about the territory and the textile.

The artist chooses a very close community – her family – for the development of her work. The space where the residence is taking place is an old hospital that is vacant and that gives back to the artist the memory of her birth. It was here that Paulina’s mother experienced her first painless birth in the city of Guimarães, Portugal. Her family’s memories, linked to the textile industry are also the memories of this territory.

This  residency and the resulting artwork will be integrated into the programming of the Contemporary Textile Art Biennial – Contextile 2020 under the concept of Places of Memory – Interdiscourses of a Textile Territory.