Line Bourdoiseau
Hosted for residency in Orebro, 2023

Line Bourdoiseau OpenArt 2024 Örebro, Sweden

Line Bourdoiseau has completed a 30-day residency, and the final result will be showcased at OpenArt 2024, the art biennial in Örebro, Sweden.

During the residency, Line’s task was to integrate her work with the OpenArt Info Center. Throughout the biennial, the Info Center serves as a hub for visitors to engage with a host, obtain maps, purchase souvenirs, and serves as the starting point for guided tours. Additionally, the kid’s workshop is situated within this space.

OpenArt’s organizational vision for the Info Center is to be a welcoming meeting point where visitors can enjoy conversation and play, fostering an open and inviting atmosphere for various cultural expressions. It aims to be a collaborative space built on partnerships, recycled materials, and encourages activity and interaction among different target groups.

Line’s artistic practice aligns well with these values. Upon reviewing her portfolio, collaboration, activation, recycled materials, and playfulness were evident. On a deeper level, Line reflects on protests in public spaces, particularly in France, where they occasionally escalate into violence. Through her art, she questions our behavior in urban spaces, advocating for a more democratic and social means of self-expression in public areas. Line invites the audience to interact with her sculptures, encouraging them to move and shape the artwork as they wish. The sculptures come in various sizes, ensuring even the smallest children can participate in the collaborative aspects of her work.

Her work also embraces a classical approach from traditional street art, aiming to make public spaces more attractive by using colors and shapes that stimulate the imagination.

Line is environmentally conscious, recognizing the impact of consumption on the climate. She refrains from purchasing new materials for her productions and, during her residency, utilized scrap materials from OpenArt’s workshop, remnants of previous artworks, found and donated materials, as well as materials no longer desired by the construction industry.

The result of her residency will be a vibrant and playful piece of art and a meeting place. Visitors to the exhibition will experience a fitting introduction to the values that OpenArt stands for.


Curatorial text by Felicia Bjärmark Esbjörnsson