Lucie Dehrmain
Hosted for residency in Porto, 2021

Within the scope of MagiC Carpets (Creative Europe) project carried out by Ideas Emergentes, during the 4th consecutive year, the total of 3 artist residencies have taken place in the city of Guimarães.

From the curatorial proposal of Cláudia Melo, who points out the need for addressing the urgent, critical awareness of the individual and the collective, the artists Lucie Dehrmain (France) and the Paprat collective (Iva Peručić and Maja Subotić Šušak, Croatia) developed their projects during the month of August, in the territory of Bairro C and with the involvement of its communities.

In this edition, the residencies included the collaboration with Onda Amarela and the Landscape Laboratory and were implemented with the support of the Municipality of Guimarães.

The public presentation of the results of the residencies took place on the 2nd of September in Guimarães.





Title: Arquinho

Materials: Ceramics, photographic printing, fabric, pigments, organic elements.

Dimension: Variable

Year: 2021

The Arquinho factory was once of great importance to Guimarães, employing many people and contributing as an active part of the textile industry, an activity that defines this city.
Upon discovering this territory, it became important for an artist to pay tribute to this part of history, through the images, the stories collected and the rich materials that exist in this place.
This now abandoned space is reinvented, giving it a new life during this space in between, before becoming something else. Time is reduced, a break is taken for a perception of what surrounds us in this moment of the present, hoping for the possibility of a trail.

Three installations are proposed to visit this place: In the room on the left, an installation made of ceramics where the process was to melt the materials collected on the floor of Arquinho on red clay tiles. As this building caught fire in 2011, the process I use takes the accident to the extreme and becomes a witness to its survival.
In the main corridor, fabrics lie in small tanks where the pigments used recall the colours of the river Couros when it was still used by the tannery workers.

At the back, a photomontage continues the space in an infinite mise en abyme.