Martina Jole Moro, Fabian Lanzmaier & Lino Lanzmaier
Hosted for residency in Nantes, 2021

Rock Paper Scissors
Martina Jole Moro / Fabian Lanzmaier / Lino Lanzmaier Nantes, 2021

Originally conceived as a “mix of treasures”, the work of Martina Jole Moro, Fabian Lanzmaier and Lino Lanzmaier is based on an active exploration of the island of Nantes. Using stories and materials collected from different communities in the district, the artists offer a sensitive and symbolic installation which is reminiscent of the history and environment of the area.

Set up on the terrace surrounding the emblematic Trempo blockhouse, Rock Paper Scissors offers an insight upon the work itself, as much as a fresh perspective on a neighbourhood whose metamorphosis is coming to an end. The proposal of the three artists focuses within the Nantes Island boundaries, shaped by its industrial and cultural developments. They perceive it through a symbolic element: stone, a material exploited by man for his developmental needs, to constrain or contain the Loire, to support, to block, to embellish, to mask… A material that is in motion, travels, evolves, coats, re-emerges, disturbs, worships. It blends in the scenery to which it contributes, or becomes a visible, quiet, or sonic medium of expression.

Martina Jole Moro (Italy), Fabian Lanzmaier & Lino Lanzmaier (Austria) met in the cultural scene of Innsbruck, Austria. In an interdisciplinary and cooperative approach, they combine artistic practices integrating sound creation, video and architecture and question the notion of environment and living places.

The audiovisual and interactive dimension of the work has been developed in collaboration with five students from the École des Beaux-Arts Nantes Saint-Nazaire: Ai Lin, Amandine Rousseau, Amélie Bochereau, Eva Pechova, Ryma Hadj-Arab.

This residency is part of a wider reflection on the future use and development of this space, which is gradually opening up to its neighbourhood and residents. It involves three communities of students from schools on the Nantes island: the École des Beaux-Arts Nantes Saint-Nazaire, the École Nationale Supérieure Architecture and the Nantes Atlantique School of Design. It is offered as part of the cultural project Voyage à Nantes 2021.